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About Samantha Noel Van Sickle

Samantha was born in Atlanta, GA where she grew up admiring the entertainment industry and all it has to offer. Ever since she was a little girl, she enjoyed showcasing her talents in various ways, including plays, musicals, talent shows, commercials, and video productions. 

She enjoys being behind the camera as well as in front of it, which gives her an edge in this field. In high school, she focused on developing her skills in production, acting, and singing. She was chosen amongst her peers and professor to be one of the producers for the broadcast/video production program. While serving in this position for two years, she also participated in both non-musical and musical theater, as well as acted in several video productions for herself and her classmates. As a Sophomore in high school, she played the lead role of Sandy in her school's musical performance of Grease.

Samantha decided to put her dreams of acting on screen on a short hold in order to fully dedicate herself to an education at Florida State University in Digital Media Production. As a student, she produced numerous videos, many of which she starred or cameoed in.

Now that she has graduated, she is eager to jump into the industry with both feet and hopes to pursue a career in the very industry she's always respected.

Her most notable role so far is Alexis in the 2018 feature film, "In The Moment".

A Personal Note From Samantha:

I encourage everyone to find what drives them and to use that passion to guide you to a fulfillng life. Also, thank you to everyone who supports my dreams and aspirations. I am so lucky and grateful for each and every one of you.

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